The fitness lifestyle
Fitness training helps to strengthen the cardio — vascular system, flexibility, strength, muscular endurance, power, good coordination, development of sense of balance, reaction, quickness, ratio of fat and muscle tissue in the body. This word…

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The philosophy of healthy eating
The philosophy of healthy eating Healthy body – award for environmentally clean power. Maintaining the food all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients, cooking without adding excessive butter and salt – an essential part of natural…

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Office fitness
Office fitness Most office workers have a sedentary lifestyle. Constant sitting at the computer, talks and meetings very quickly tire and as a result, by the middle of the day, we feel tired, we get…

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Isometric exercises.

Office exercises to relieve pain and fatigue of the back and neck in the workplace

If you work in an office and spend almost all day sitting at a computer, then surely you’re familiar with the unpleasant sensations that occur in the neck and back such as: numbness, numbness or even pain. To help in this case can come gymnastics office . the beauty of which is that it can be done on the job or during a break. This office exercises are composed of isometric exercises, which are based on the principle of short-term muscle tension without stretching. The maximum strengthen muscles of the spine and the ligaments of the joints, which will allow you to get rid of feelings of

numbness, aching pain and relieve tiredness. Especially good help these exercises, if you have a degenerative disc disease of the neck, thoracic and lumbar spine.

Exercises office sitting gymnastics

Some exercises isometric exercises can run directly on the desktop.

Exercises to release tension in the cervical spine:

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Your home guide benefit, harm and calorie products

Proper nutrition – healthy body!

Only eating properly, the person will be healthy, beautiful and can live many years. It has long been known that the success of getting rid of any ailment is simply impossible without specially selected food products and their rational use. Proper diet is a natural cure for the body.

To create a reliable platform for your health for years to lose weight and stay slim, you need only one thing – once and for all to eliminate a food that bears the harm. In other words, proper and healthy diet, rich in vitamins, should be a life rule, to comply with which you need every day.

What food can be called such? Products, can significantly improve health and restore youth, do not count. Hence so many different theories about proper and healthy diet. But to identify one that is suitable for everybody, it’s still impossible.

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Ensure muscle


General understanding of biochemical adaptation to muscular activity

The problem of adaptation of the organism to physical stress has become one of the urgent problems of biology and medicine in the second half of the XX century Adaptation – paced during the life of the process by which the body acquires a tolerance to a particular environmental factor. The concept of “adaptation” to physical stress and “training”

of an organism closely related to each other. The essence of adaptation to physical loads is to uncover mechanisms by which untrained body is trained, i.e. the mechanisms underlying the formation of the positive aspects of adaptation, providing trained body advantage over the untrained and negative sides constituting the so-called price adjustment.

The advantages of a trained body are characterized by three main features:

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The fitness lifestyle

Fitness training helps to strengthen the cardio — vascular system, flexibility, strength, muscular endurance, power, good coordination, development of sense of balance, reaction, quickness, ratio of fat and muscle tissue in the body. This word has a biological interpretation, means the perfection of individuals through the transmission of genetic information to the progeny. Biological definition means an innate characteristic of the individual and his physical condition, behaviour in a

particular place in the environment.

Physical exercise combined with proper diet leads to the achievement of the desired goal. Exercise and diet is adjusted individually depending on age, condition, features and structure of the human figure.

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Nutritional supplements are an integral element of training

Nutritional supplements are an integral element of training

Life of an athlete is full of physical and emotional stress. There are moments when the athlete’s body works on the brink of their capabilities. This is the only way to achieve record results, but the resources of the body is not infinite. In order to systematically load does not lead to health problems, athletes spend some “feeding” the body with useful substances.

To find out where you can buy sports nutrition in Ukraine itself .

Giving supplementation

It features food additives resort in cases where it is necessary to build muscle or to normalize metabolism in the body. The composition of the dietary supplements developed by research institutes, and includes all the necessary vitamins, nutrients and compounds, for the work of the body in the mode of loading. Systematic supplementation enrich the body of an athlete with the following elements:

1. Protein. This “Builder” muscle mass. There are protein supplements Continue reading

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